Florham Camera opened in Florham Park NJ in 1970. It Opened when Gary Stein’s (current president) father and mother Arnold & Harriet Stein decided to leave the business of Aeronautical engineering and open a business that dealt with a couple hobbies that Arnold Stein loved. Those hobbies were Photography and Audio Equipment. Then Gary took over as president in 1990 and he has been making the business even better then before.

In January of 2009 the store moved across Columbia Tpk into the Regency Plaza into a larger facility.

Florham Village Camera serves the Northern New Jersey area along with other customers that live all over the country.


Florham Camera is a special kind of Store.

Here at Florham Camera our goal is not to sell you a camera but to make sure you Get the camera that is perfect for you and will last you for many years to come. Also after buying a camera we do not leave you to figure it out all by yourself we will teach you all you need to know on how to use it and also go over your pictures with you and teach how to take the best pictures you can. Then after that if you wish we will consult with you about every group of pictures you take to help you become a professional quality photographer.

Also when we sell you a home theater system our goal is to sell you the right one for you and make your system sound the best possible. If you opt to have us install the system for you we will make sure that your system is set up the right way to sound the best for the shape and set up of your room.