Florham Village Camera is the Premiere Leica Dealer in New Jersey.


Leica Cameras are more then Just a camera they are the Best of the Best and continue to push the envelope with the best Lenses and quality in the industry.

We specialize in Both New and Classic Leica Cameras. We are not just a Leica Dealer but Leica Enthusiasts!

Below is a list of all of the Leica Models we carry. If you have any questions, are looking for a special classic Leica for you collection or would like to discuss pricing please contact us or just stop in.

The Leica M


When you take a photograph with a camera from the Leica M-System, you experience a different kind of photography.

The quick and discreet rangefinder cameras are extremely quiet and very compact, allowing you to get closer the action. The Leica M features intuitive controls and is simple to use without superfluous functions or overcomplicated menus. All in all, the M-System grants photographers the opportunity to concentrate on what’s essential: the images.

The M is also the Worlds Smallest Professional Camera

We carry all of the latest M Cameras and specialize in helping both the newest Leica owner take advantage of the capabilities of the M as well as help the most advanced photographers continue to perfect their craft.

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The Leica M Lenses

zm-lensesThe best lenses make the best pictures

Discover compact lenses with unrivaled performance. Premium manufacturing ensures that contrast, resolution, structure and tonal richness endure, even under difficult lighting conditions.

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The Leica S

Leica S

The Leica S-System was conceived from the ground up as a purely digital camera system and was built with the precise needs of professional photographers in mind.

S-LENSESIt is the smallest medium-format camera and offers impressively easy handling, extreme robustness, excellent imaging quality and perfect matching of all its components.

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The Leica SL

The Leica SL-System marks the beginning of a new era of professional photography. As the first mirrorless system camera of its kind, it offers an impressive range of innovative features and sets entirely new standards with regard to versatility and handling – and rugged resilience.

It simultaneously offers maximum compatibility with the lenses of other Leica systems. Discover the future of photography – made in Germany. Discover the Leica SL-System.

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The Leica Q

Tell your story with pictures.

The way you see them. Unadulterated and pure. These images tell the complete story and make captured moments so unforgettable, portraying exactly what the photographer sees. As Leica’s first compact camera with full-frame sensor and fixed focal length, the Leica Q gives you everything you need to capture your take on the world in perfect images. Unleash all your ability – with the new Leica Q. It’s up to you.

For more Details on the Leica Q Click Here.

The Leica APS-C, CL and TL2Teaser

Photographic passion meets compact dimensions: The perfect balance between outstanding picture quality, compact design, and intuitive handling, the Leica APS-C System offers everything to fulfil even the highest photographic expectations.

With the Leica CL and the Leica TL2, you have the choice of two equally capable cameras that could hardly be more different in terms of their design and handling: reflecting on the traditions of Leica in the form of the iconic Leica CL and, in stark contrast, the futuristic look of the Leica TL2. Together, with the extensive portfolio of TL-Lenses, they build the basis of a system with which you can discover a truly special photographic experience.

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The Leica X

Leica XThe true greatness of the Leica X-Cameras lies in the outstanding image quality.

For their size, Leica X-Cameras feature an impressively large, professional image sensor with a high resolution of more than 16 megapixels, resulting in images of superior brilliance — down to even the finest of details. All this is complemented through an elegant iconic design and the use of high-class materials.

For a closer Look at that Leica X Click Here.

The Leica V-Lux

Lecia V-LuxPhotos as diverse as life itself

The Leica V-Lux gives you all of the quality and power of a Leica in an easy to use all in one package. It includes an incredibly fast shutter and auto-focus as well as  4K Video, a 25mm to 400mm zoom lens.

For more information on the V-Lux Click Here.

The Leica D-Lux

Leica D-LuxBeautifully Simple: Form Follows Function

The Leica D-Lux puts the traditional quality and speed of a Leica in a small easy to use (Fully automatic) package. It includes the fastest, high quality lens in its class to be able to deal with any light situation you may throw at it.

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The Leica C

Leica C-LuxCapture every instant in style

The Leica C offers a compact point and shoot style package yet still offers the quality and speed that most expect from a larger more complicated professional style camera. It features a fast shutter and lens along with a medium range zoom in its small frame.

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Classic and Collectable Models

Familytree_3Leica also has a storied past of many different cutting edge models. Some are still revered today as being the best of their time and may even have become collectables. At Florham Village Camera we are also Leica enthusiasts and pride our-self in the our collection and are always looking to purchase sell or trade in such collectable models. If you are looking for a specific Leica for your collection, are looking to sell an old Leica or want to share your passion please contact us.

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Please feel free to contact us or stop by with any questions as one of our Leica experts would be happy to discuss with you about New and Classic Leicas or just discuss with how to hone your craft.