Digital and 35mm Cameras

SLR(single lens reflex cameras)


  • SLR cameras are when you look through the viewfinder of the camera you are looking through the lens of the camera
  • These cameras also give you the flexibility to change lenses to get a variety of different focal lengths
  • We sell a variety of different manufacturers
  • cameras of this type that include Leica, Nikon, Canon, Olympus and many more.
  • We carry both Digital and Film SLRs to find the camera that fits your needs.

Point and Shoot Digital Cameras:


  • Point and shoot cameras are your everyday camera that most people have. They can have a zoom lens or a single focal length lens and are auto-focus.
  • These cameras come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can usually fit in a pocket or purse to bring with you.
  • We sell point and shoot cameras from all of the companies mentioned above.

35mm Cameras:

  • We also are still experts with film cameras and can still help you with any of your film needs.
  • We also have a full line of lenses for you film cameras as well as some used film bodies for those who film enthusiasts.

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