Home Theater Systems

  • We at Florham camera are dedicated to creating the best system as possible to fit your needs.
  • We sell the best in Home Theater products from all the top companies such as speakers from NHT, JBL, PSB, Phase Technology and other equiptment such as recievers from Sony, JVC, Yamaha, Onkyo, NAD.
  • We also have the highest quality 4K, 3D and HDTVs (projection, plasma and LCD), DVD players, Blue Ray Players, and CD players all at affordable prices.
  • At Florham camera we also offer professional installation of the system you buy. Our installations are the best around as we make sure that everything works perfectly and the speakers are placed to give your room the best sound possible.
  • With installation we also have in wall speakers that will go flush into your wall so no one will ever see them but they will give unbelivable sound.
  • Full list of our Sony HDTVs and other Products

To Order your HDTV or for more information contact us.